Karim is a versatile and multifaceted composer who draws inspiration from his eclectic background and artistic interests.

Born in Paris to a Lebanese family, Karim picked up the guitar when he was seven, learning Flamenco and Classical music. Early on, he found himself drawn to genres such as classical Arabic and Indian music. He nonetheless nurtured his guitar skills by learning Jazz, blending his influences with traditional Western inflections. His work has ever since been recognized as a subtle fusion of multiple colors and tonalities.  

After moving to Beirut, Karim formed Mute, a Lebanese Progressive Rock band which toured and performed in the region. He eventually decided to migrate to Boston, MA where he produced bands, collaborated with movie directors and playwrights. A few years later, Karim went back to school and completed a Masters in Music Technology at New York University with a concentration in film scoring and 3D audio. His thesis focused on the contribution of MZ height channels to spaciousness in a multi-microphone surround system. 

Currently residing in NYC, Karim works with award-winning music house duotone. He also still collaborates with many international artists, writing music for film, web and TV. His work has been featured in shows, ads and movies around the world (BBC America, Troubled Waters, Chevrolet, CANAL+, ZICO and more). 

Latest work: "Eternal Light" for Yazan Halwani's mini documentary Eternal Sabah